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Join us to adapt and take advantage of fast maturing Brazilian society ↓

We started our Brazil Inter-Visions journey 5 years ago. Brazil was then euphorically optimist, looking forward to the 2014 World up to proudly showing the world its new conquests .

Today, the 2014 Soccer World Cup is over, and the after-party mood is somewhat grey…After a decade of unpreceded and exhilarating growth, Brazilians have entered in a new phase of doubts about their future.

Besides the clearly more challenging global and local economical background, Brazilians are more and more concerned about environment, well-being, education, health policy, equal rights and social justice issues… which appear as remaining unaddressed key challenges that jeopardize their hopes in social progress.

This current skepticism should not obscure the outstanding dynamism and vitality of Brazilian society clear distrust with regards to institutions strikingly shows how over the past ten years, Brazilians have become highly connected, more mature and autonomous citizens and consumers, that claim to become involved, active players of society and of the market. In such context, monitoring and understanding the Brazilian trends of change is more and more a must for market and social anticipation.

Despite remaining outrageous social discrepancies, Brazil has also turned into a huge middle class country (upper and lower middle class stand together for almost 70% of the population). Such unique pace of social evolution , together with an in progress demographic shift (birth slow down and ageing population) obviously implies higher social diversity among the population-beyond ethnic and regional specificities- and larger variety of needs and expectations, and requires a subtle, nuanced and comprehensive vision of the socio-lifestyles that coexist in Brazil.

Last but not least, during these years Brazil has become a recognized international player, and an example of creativity in many areas. Its youth and its trendsetters are inventing and experimenting their own, specifically Brazilian hybridations with the globalized culture, requiring a deeper understanding of local identity values and codes, and widening horizons for truly Brazil-centric innovation processes, also addressing international markets beyond Brazil itself.


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