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The Natura Case

The success story of a brand which understood the Brazilian relation to social commitments

An original concept which intuitively addressed major identity values of Brazil:

  • Natura was founded in the late 60’s by A.L. Seabra, a visionary with a unique deep spirituality, who strongly believed in the search for happiness, harmony and well-being in the communion between nature and humans
  • Based on its outstandingly long lasting/timeless concept, Natura addressed for years a niche of loving, loyal, upper-middle class intellectuals clients

A brand which grew with the expansion of Brazilian values : the emergence of an aspirational Brazilian vision of beauty key for local success.
  • In the past 10 years, with the growth of consumption, and taking advantage of its unique distribution asset, Natura expands progressively, as Brazilian identity becomes a more and more aspirational topic
  • Natura is now the ‘number one’ brand of the cosmetics market in Brazil, so far dominated by an international driven vision of beauty, above Unilever and L’Oréal. It also ranks number 5 in the most loved brands by Brazilians, a reward for its involvement in promoting a new, valorizing vision of Brazil
  • At first sight, a ‘paradoxical’ success : an ecological brand in a country with so far weak and niche sustainability concerns

In the meantime, Natura successfully started exporting its vision of beauty, as it settled business in Latin America, and later in Europe

Transparency, modest packaging and earth-nature-fair  colors,  historical major metaphors of brand values

A pioneering, intuitive understanding of some major Brazilian identity values… long before their awareness among Brazilian population:

  • Care of oneself by (re)connecting with nature, our original roots:
    Nature as a mythical, generous, accessible Mother , provider of endless immediate benefits (illusion of little processing)
  • Care of others by respecting all parties:
    Social network based distribution, both a source of jobs and conviviality /// Early ecological-sustainable mindset and aesthetics (refills, modest packaging) /// Ideal, democratic vision of beauty, where interior beauty more important than exterior appearance, strongly linked to status and economic means

The keys of success: accompanying change and delivering a truly local vision of beauty

New product lines (Ekos, …), new investments in fragrances and touch feel, to address pleasure, consumption and sensuality expectations. A story telling that emphasizes Brazilian pride :

  • Generosity of indigenous, natural ingredients
  • Local ethnic natural know how and cultures
  • Fair trade commitment

A unique combination of a highly performing marketing strategy with an emotional, modest positioning, and a democratic vision of beauty : a humanized, caring and committing personal relation with consumers that sends the transactional dimension to the backstage:
a Brazilian vision of sustainability

The true essence of our country

~ Ekos positioning (Ekos site) ~

Brazil, a new and inspiring player in the Beauty-Cosmetics international market

A brand which delivers new drivers for the beauty-well-being  market in Europe:

  • Far from pioneer-traditional organic-natural cosmetics brands ‘ austerity and orthodoxy… with a stronger , more tangible and inspiring story-telling than mass cosmetics brands which invested the ‘nature’ positioning
  • Accessible and aspirational Brazilian ecological-exotic imagery:
    Conviviality, sensory, ’ethic-ethnic story-telling’ Biodiversity, fair trading, local indigenous cultures, timeless beauty wisdom… new scents

Some required adaptations: Evolution of distribution model: a flagship boutique to promote the brand spirit, online shopping to compensate weaker interest for social shopping.

A possible ‘Organic’ misunderstanding ? The limits of exporting a broad ‘sustainable-humanizing’ positioning in a culture with higher environmental ideology and requirements.

They launched the product range EKOS. A nice, sensory exotic range, with a well put together marketing speech… they succeed to bring a touch of exoticism in this dull, grey Parisian life ! I was triggered by this brand, I decided to visit and explore their ‘natural’ promise. They have natural ingredients in their formula (like anybody else), but nothing organic… there are even some ingredients which are disreputable. That’s where the con is : they are natural but they are not organic… and they spend a lot to make us believe they are!

~ Blog in France: mademoiselle-bio ~




Pitanga, cupuaçu, maracujà… some of the exotic promises of Natura

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