Brazil InterVisions | The Osklen Case
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The Osklen Case

The innovation-creativity power of Brazil

A brand born in the 80’s to address the outdoors-leisure clothing equipment requirements of Brazilian intellectual elite:

  • From the beginning, a brand with a special technical know how (such as Storm Tech System).
  • Extreme sports such as Mountain climbing, Surf, windsurf, sailing…

Over time, with the expansion of outdoors-leisure culture among Brazilian upper class youth, an extension to casual-fashion-sports wear.

A progressive fine-tuning of brand’s values in the high end fashion segment ; asserting a Brazilian new, self-confident, desirable modern lifestyle.

  • Creativity ; meaningful innovation
  • Modern status : unconventional, vanguard globalized spirit ; casual chic wear
  • Sensuality, unconventionality, fluidity, playing with body

In Brazil, the beautiful innovative Green grows fast . The very eco-friendly-fashion brand Osklen is awarded by the site Fastcompany as as one of the most innovative rising stars

~ Cezame ~

A successful entry in the international high end – luxury fashion world, with a claimed specific ‘Brazilian ‘soul’ positioning.

  • Story telling, Brazilian topics collections
  • Emotionality, sensuality, spirituality
  • Sustainability commitment
  • Sophisticated simplicity
  • Creativity
  • Hybridation

Some ingredients of Brazilian centric- innovation : humanity, emotionality and hybridation

A ‘strongly embodied’ brand : strong personalization and emotional involvement of brand’s founder. Beyond its charisma and communication skills, a truly multi-disciplinary, creative, visionary founder. A unique ability to play with paradoxes, combine and harmonize opposite values and dimensions, transform basic, non valued materials and produce hybrid, highly modern concepts.

  • Biological and technology: hyper-natural (Fish skin, natural rubber, natural pigments…)
  • Nature and city: Urban natural
  • Sustainability and fashion: sustainable-chic (Choice of materials, numerous social commitments (e-institute, e-fabrics)
  • Basic materials and luxury: non status luxury
  • Global and local
  • Sophistication and simplicity


Osklen collections: 2009 (Monsoon) – 2010 (Samba) – 2011 (Oceans)

Osklen stores around the world (Tokyo, Rome, Lisbon, New York, Miami, Milan…)

Oskar Metsavaht trying new natural pigments techniques, at the awards for Black pride week…