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We Are Brazil Intervisions

A ‘cultural bridge’ expertise : 2 native speakers Brazil cross cultural specialists,
based in Europe and operating in Brazil


We bring you a vision of Brazil from the ‘inside’, yet adapted to outsiders’ European eyes and European standards of quality and research mindset/design, avoiding frequent tensions between local and central organization, when local intermediaries are required.

Senior independent qualitative researchers, for over 25 years exploring everyday life issues and helping companies to take advantage of lifestyles and social change, in Brazil, but also on other European or non European markets.

Special focus on identifying market current drivers and exploring new market potentials at a cross-cultural level ; identifying new consumer insights for future offers development ; finding comprehensive, usage based paths of improvement for current offers or for in progress concepts.

Specialist in intercultural market and trend research

Born in São Paulo Brazil /// Work experience in Germany, Brazil and USA
Graduation at University of Sao Paulo (Veterinary and Psychology)
Communication & Movement Studies at Laban Bartenieff Institute – NY– USA
Systemic therapy at Weinheim Institute – Germany /// Focus on social semiotics
Intercultural training and consultancy

Specialist in intercultural market and trend research

French, born in Lisbon-Portugal, from a Portuguese-Brazilian family /// Work experience in France, Brazil and Asia (India, China, Japan) /// Post-graduated from Paris V University (Psychology and Projective Techniques) /// MD in Marketing from ESCP (French leading business school) /// Non verbal communication and systemic analysis trainings